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A few days before the treatment, the diet should be changed.

Only light and fresh food should be eaten, not too much fat or hard-to-digest food.

Hot spices should be avoided.

Alcohol and drugs should also be avoided (unless there is an addiction).

If you are taking any medication, please speak with me when you get in contact with me.

After the treatment, it is important to create enough space for the integration.

Sometimes the process can be prolonged over a few days, for which a safe space should be provided.

The earlier the preparation is started, the deeper the frog medicine can work.



Before the treatment you should not eat anything 8-10 hours before and just before the process starts drink 1,5-2L of water "under my supervision".

PLEASE DON'T DRINK INNECESSARY LOTS OF WATER BEFORE the treatment, only the most necessary to quench your thirst.

Do not have coffee or caffeinated teas.

Herbal teas are allowed.





The clearer your intention, the better.

At the centre of the Kambo process is always you and your will to change.

Frog medicine supports you in this.

For this it is important to bring a willingness to do the Kambo Process with all your heart.

The medicine can support you to gain clarity on all levels, but you have to make all the necessary changes in your life to manifest them.

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