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Bhavani Devi

Daughter of the mountains and dancer on the life path of my heart


My story

From childhood I have been in touch with other traditions.

My father, a former wandering monk in ancient India and founder of the "Yogazentrum Waldkirch", and my mother, a long-time Vedic astrologer, introduced me to parts of the knowledge of the Far East at a very early age.

Growing up in the middle of the wilderness in an abandoned ruin village which my family helped to rebuild, I have had a close relationship with nature and its elemental spirits since childhood.


Since 2012 I have been on the medicine path, working with master plants.

Great teachers for me are the medicine of the sweat lodge, the prayer of the vision quest and the sun dance.

Early on I began to organise the work of different healers and shamans, to assist and accompany them, which gave me a deep insight into the art of healing.


Thus, frog medicine has also been in my environment for a long time, and here too I first began to assist.

 After a few years of slow approach with the medicine, I was given the initiation of service by Kambo in 2017.

However, before I could go into the service, Lyme disease broke out and shook my entire system.

The disease stage had progressed to the point that I was completely limited on many levels of my life.

So I had to learn to treat myself in an intensive way.

My path of exploring the mystery of healing in my own body began.

Alongside different approaches to healing, Kambo was a great support to me and in 2019 I was ready to go into service for others....

2022 followed an official training in the Amazon with "kambo naturista", in collaboration with the indigenous tribe of the Matsès in Perù.

I am well aware that Kambo is the great healer and that I may serve this powerful medicine by simply assisting.

What makes me a good "assistant":

My practical experience of many years in service

Deep relationship to medicine through self-experience

A long path of learning (vision quest, medicine path, sun dance)

I see myself as a learner whose path goes on and on and I am grateful to be able to walk this path.


Aho mitakuye o yasin (For all my relatives)

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